A stroke (also known as a cerebrovascular accident-CVA) is a medical emergency characterized by rapidly developing loss of brain functions secondary to a disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. A stroke can cause permanent neurological damage, permanent complications, or death. Stroke can be divided into two main categories: ischemic and hemorrhagic.

Signs and symptoms of a stroke are related to the area of the brain that affected. Typically, symptoms start suddenly, usually over seconds to minutes. Except for subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), cerebral venous thrombosis, and sometimes intra-cerebral hemorrhage, headache does not present in most forms of stroke. If a person has a sudden-onset of facial weakness, abnormal speech, and arm drift (arms drift downward when asked to raise them), a stroke should be suspected. Other symptoms may also occur according to the area affected, such as numbness, hemiplegia, muscle weakness of the face, limb or body weakness, decreased reflexes, altered breathing and heart rates, drooping of eyelid, aphasia, apraxia, disorganized thinking, altered gait, vertigo, and memory deficits.

Treatment for a stroke varies according to the nature of the stroke: that is, whether it is ischemic (thromboembolic), or a hemorrhagic. Treating the cause of the bleeding is important for a hemorrhagic stroke. Surgery and medication may both be used in treating a hemorrhagic stroke. Rehabilitation therapy can help patients with disabling stroke return to normal life as fully and quickly as possible, as well as prevent secondary complications. Puhua Hospital performe a painless medical procedure of Stem Cell injecions where Stem Cells are usually administered intravenously. The procedure's possitive results are commenly seen in three to six months and has no known negative side effects. The Stem Cells will travel throughout the body, detecting damaged cells and tissue and attempts to restore them. The Stem Cells can also stimulate existing normal cells and tissues to operate at a higher level of function, boosting the body’s own repair mechanisms to aid in the healing process. These highly adaptive cells then remain in the body, continually locating and repairing any damage they encounter.

With over 10 years of treating patients, Puhua Hospital has achieved positive results with a wide variety of illnesses, conditions and injuries. Often, in cases where the diseases continued to worsen, our patients have reported substantial improvements following the Stem Cell treatment.

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