Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke


Name: Mr. Cui
Diagnosis: Stroke
D.O.B: 01 января 1993
Gender: Male
Country: China

Treatment: Stem Cell Treatment, physical therapy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Medical Condition before Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

Mr. Cui was admitted to BeijingPuhua International Hospital due to stroke caused by trauma. He was unable to walk. His right hand frequently cramped because of abnormal muscle tension.

Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke 

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including stem cell treatment to repair the injured neural cells, medical improvement of neural function and metabolism, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and rehabilitation therapy.

Physical condition after Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

After stem cell treatment, he began to walk almost normally. He began to move his right hand freely. He reported that he felt nearly normal.

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