Stem cell Treatment for Parkinson's | Penny Thomas

Stem cell Treatment for Parkinson's | Penny Thomas


Name: Penny Thomas
Diagnosis: Parkinson's Disease
D.O.B: 03 августа 1954
Gender: Female
Country: United States of America

Treatment: Stereotactic Injection into the brain of retinal neural stem cells with a daily treatment of neurotropic factors, nutrition and TCM

History and medical condition before treatment

Ms Thomas had uncontrollable shaking. Her muscles were extremely tense. She had high muscle tension and she looked like she was extremely strong but in fact her muscles were weak. When she was walking or doing anything, she would have freeze ups where she would stop and not be able to continue her motion. If she were talking on the telephone, it would be hard to talk on the telephone. She could not read or write because of the tremors. She could not eat by herself. She could not get up out of a chair by herself. She could not brush her hair. She could not get out of the bed by herself. She had trouble turning her neck.

Medical Condition and Follow-up after treatment

Penny's shaking was greatly reduced but it still came back from time-to-time. She said that after the treatment at the times that the shaking did come back, if she concentrated, she could stop it. The muscle tension had disappeared. Her strength increased. The freeze ups stopped. She could read again. She could write again. She could speak on the telephone. She could eat by herself. She could get out of a chair by herself. She could get out of bed by herself. Her neck could turn normally and she could brush her hair.


17 Days after discharge: (From an e-mail from Penny) – “I have returned home safely. I am driving once again after passing my driver's exam. In October I gave up my driving because I did not feel I was safe anymore and it was just adding too much stress to my life. Friends are amazed at what they see they just keep staring at self confidence has returned also. I went sailing the other day... I actually was at the helm of the boat for 2 and 1/2 hours!  I feel like I'm a kid again.”

4 Months after discharge:

(From an e-mail from Penny) – “Aloha, I have recently returned from traveling for a month on the US mainland visiting friends and relatives.  I even attended my 35 year high school class reunion!  My how time does change us all and flies by.

I continue to be in a state of great excitement and joy for life.  I use to ride horses quite regularly in Colorado, so my friends made sure that I had that experience as well during my visit.  I was in heaven! 

I saw my 15 year old daughter after not seeing her for 3 months.  The first thing she said was "Mom, is that you? You're so strong!"

I am still swimming with the dolphins in the ocean when they choose to come to swim with me!

I am hoping to be able to start to make some reductions of the medications to see how the stem cells will respond soon.  I have noticed that I have been missing some of my 10pm meds (because I fall asleep reading) and so am noticing my body seems to be okay with this.

I have also discovered a more natural way to feed the brain L-dopa by an herb known as Macuna puriens. There is a website that has a neuro-program, that my doctor is going to help me be monitored and involved with.  It will actually help the stem cells I believe to produce the dopamine.

You might want to check out the websites that I have looked at, they are and I know there are urinalysis every week or two to determine the dopamine levels in the beginning.  I think this is a very important step for people to be able to take in order to step away from prescription meds if they can. I tried a sample instead of Sinemet one afternoon, it seemed to work fine in its place, but of course, that was only once.”

1 year after discharged:

(From an e-mail from Penny) –  "Aloha,

Well it has been one year that I returned home from China after receiving my stem cells. I can honestly say it is the best thing that I could have done for myself to help heal my body. I am able now to dig in the garden, ride horses again, swim, and do many other exercises that I could not do any more before I received the cells. I am also driving and hiking in the mountains of Colorado for the summer.

When I first left the hospital I was taking 3 different medications to assist me, about 4 times per day. I have since that time reduced down to taking now only 1/4 of a Sinemet tablet 1 x day. I have continued to take the amino acids that were prescribed for me along with the herb Macuna prureins. I believe with the right nourishment for the body and soul, the body can heal itself. I also know that our words and thoughts are very powerful so I like to say "I'm recovering from Parkinson's". I do rest when my body asks for it, which may include an hours nap in the afternoon.  I encourage everyone to connect with their "healer within" to guide them on their healing journey, trust your intuition, it is there for you.

May we all be Blessed with radiant health!

In Heart,

Penny Thomas"

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