Ms. Xue Ao

Ms. Xue Ao


Name: Ms. Xue Ao
Diagnosis: Hemangioblastoma in C3-5
D.O.B: 01 января 1986
Gender: Female

Treatment: Lesion resection in the vertebral canal via posterior middle approach


Ms. Xue Ao was a 23 year when she was admitted to Puhua International Hospital in July 2010, due to a space-occupying lesion in C3-5.

Medical condition before neurosurgery

Ms. Xue Ao presented to PIH with a history of numbness and weakness in her left upper limb for more than two years, accompanied with numbness in her right limbs for the previous month. She had a 2-year history of pain in her neck, as well as numbness in two to three fingers of her left hand. The numb feeling gradually progressed up the limb, which gradually involved the whole left upper arm and her left fingers immobile. She underwent cervical X-ray examination at a local hospital many times, and was told that she had a “stiff neck". She was offered no special treatment. Her condition had obviously deteriorated as time had passed.

One month prior to her admission at PIH, the numbness had started to involve her right hand and sole of her right foot. She then visited a hospital and underwent a MRI scan. The MRI revealed that there was a space-occupying lesion at C3-5, and ependymoma was a possibility. Patient visited our hospital in July for surgical treatment.

Neurosurgical approach

Lesion resection was performed in the vertebral canal via posterior middle approach, under general anesthesia. The procedure took six hours.

The procedure was successful.

Medical condition after neurosurgery

After the neurosurgery (lesion resection via posterior middle approach), Ms. Xue Ao gradually recovered satisfactorily. Pathological diagnosis was ‘hemangioblastoma’.

Post-op, Patient did not complain about pain in her neck, or headaches. She could soon get up onto the hospital floor by herself and do some routine activities. When examined, she still had numbness on the left upper arm and left foot.

Everything went well with Ms. Xue Ao post-op. She was discharged eight days after the neurosurgery.

MRI scan before the surgery

Picture during the surgery




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