Name: Fujino
Diagnosis: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
D.O.B: 20 марта 1958
Gender: Male
Country: Japan

Treatment: Stem cell implantation via lumbar puncture and IV injection; systemic medication to improve nutrient supply of nerves; rehabilitation therapy including physical therapy and occupational therapy; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (acupuncture).


In September 2010, patient Fujino began to feel weakness in his left leg while walking. He went to local hospital but failed to receive a specific diagnosis or therapy: it was suggested initially that do physical exercise. Unfortunately, after the physical exercise, the weakness of his left leg became worse. Over the next five months, atrophy of the musculature of his left leg became apparent, and by February 2011 he began felt weakness of his right leg. From that time forward, his gait (walking) gradually became unsteady. Eventually, he began fall down while walking. He was admitted to a local hospital where an EMG showed an underlying neurogenic cause. By April 2011, he went on to loose the ability to walk independently, and became confined to a wheelchair. By June 2011, his arms had become so weak that he became predominantly bed-ridden.

Medical condition before Stem Cell Treatment

Eventually, Patient Fujino was diagnosed with ALS. Since he had become bed-ridden, a caregiver was needed to help him with most of his daily activities. He grew increasingly upset and despondent about his medical condition, and developed a poor appetite and increasing difficulty with sleep. He had essentially lost the use of his limbs, and this patient says that he nearly gave up hope in this period.

Treatment Over 35 Days at Puhua International Hospital

Stem Cell implantation was administered via lumbar puncture and IV injection. In addition, other medications were administered to improve the nutrient supply of nerve cells. Patient Fujino took part in rehabilitation therapy (including physical therapy and occupational therapy). He received Chinese Traditional Medicine (acupuncture) from the Puhua International TCM group.

Medical condition after Stem Cell Treatment

By 3-4 days after he received his first stem cell implantation via lumbar puncture, Patient Fujino began to feel muscular contractions in his limbs. Soon he began to be able to move his feet slightly: this had been impossible prior to the stem cell treatment. By the time of his scheduled discharge he was making steady improvement, an also feeling better. Therefore, he stayed at PIH for one additional week to receive additional treatment in an effort to consolidate the gains of his former treatment.

Patient Fujino indicated that during his recent hospitalization, he felt that the doctors and nurses were very warm and supportive, and tried not give him “too much pressure.”  He indicated that he felt very comfortable during his entire stay at Puhua International Hospital. He also stated before his discharge that he hated to leave, and wanted to stay here for a longer period of time.

Patient Fujino will come back to receive his second course of stem cell treatment in either September or October of 2012.

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